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3 Deceivingly Simple AC Issues

It’s a hot summer day. Suddenly, your AC stops working. Uh oh. Is it broken? Did it overheat? Do you need a new one? Is it going to catch fire and explode? Hold on, don’t panic! It’s probably not nearly as bad as it seems.

An AC is a carefully calibrated unit. When one component stops working, it has a domino effect on the entire system. When left it unchecked, it certainly can cause a lot of damage, and you’ll want to get it serviced for AC repair in North Dallas, TX. But as for the main cause of your AC problems, it could be something as simple as…

A Malfunctioning Thermostat

Your AC operates only under the direction of the thermostat. It seems simple on the outside: you enter a temperature, and your home gets cooler.

On the inside, it’s a different story: The AC will go through a series of timed cooling cycles to reach that temperature.

But if the thermostat malfunctions, the desired temperature won’t be properly communicated to the AC. This can lead to short-cycling, an error that causes your system to turn on and off far more often than it should.

Short-cycling will force your AC to work overtime, contributing to increased energy bills and unneeded wear-and-tear. Before you know it, your unit could overheat.

A Dirty Air Filter

If there’s one thing the owner of an AC unit can do to prevent issues with their system, it’s this:

Replacing the air filter.

All air conditioners come equipped with one – and sometimes two – air filters. The function of these filters isn’t necessarily to keep your air clean, but rather, to prevent the AC from getting choked up with dust and dirt.

Without an air filter installed, various components in your AC will collect that dust instead. Excess dirt can freeze your coils or burn out fan motors.

Air filters will eventually get clogged with dirt. Once that happens, the filter will no longer be able to do its job efficiently. It will be more difficult for your AC to transport air through the unit, and that will lead to inevitable increases in energy costs.

A Burnt-out Capacitor

A simple but common problem in the summer is the broken capacitor.

The capacitor’s main function is to store energy. When your AC first starts up for the day, it needs a strong jolt of energy to various motors—that’s where the capacitor comes in. After that, the capacitor’s job is done.

However, an overworked or aged capacitor might burn out before it can perform this essential function. When you add the heat of summer into the mix, you can see how your outdoor unit’s capacitor is susceptible to overheating.

A burn out capacitor will most likely prevent your AC from starting at all. If this is the case with your unit, don’t keep trying to start the unit, as it can cause serious strain on your compressor.

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