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My AC Isn’t Cooling Enough!

My AC Isn’t Cooling Enough!

Your air conditioner is designed to do one thing really well:

Cool your home!

So you can imagine how frustrating it can be to have an AC that doesn’t seem to be doing its job. Or maybe you don’t have to imagine it if you’re currently living in that situation.

Whether you’re just being proactive, or if you’re trying to figure out why your AC isn’t cooling like it’s supposed to, keep in mind that there are countless possible reasons. If you want your problem solved faster, call up an air conditioning expert in North Dallas, TX.

In the meantime, see if any of these things sound like the reason for your cooling issues:

Improperly Sized Unit

Before the air conditioner is installed in your home, it needs to be “sized” accordingly. That means ensuring the AC’s output capabilities will match the needs of your home. This is done via a series of load calculations that consider the home’s total square feet in addition to factors that may affect temperature.

An AC that’s too small for the home is not going to cool it sufficiently. And contrary to logic, an AC that’s too big isn’t going to make the home too cold—it will simply prevent the home from ever being cooled properly.

Unfortunately, there’s little hope for a badly sized AC other than to replace it entirely.

Ducts Need Work

If you’re using a central air conditioner or ducted heat pump, you’ll need to keep an eye on the duct system itself. The ducts are relatively low maintenance for the most part, but it is possible for them to develop leaks and tears over time. With enough time, the leaks can seriously diminish your output of cool air and tank your efficiency.

If everything else seems to be working fine in your AC, yet you still have efficiency and cooling problems, then it might be time to have the ducts inspected for repairs or replacement.

Malfunctioning Blower

The blower has a self-explanatory name—it blows cool air from the AC, into the ducts, and out of the air vents! Without it, there’s no mechanism for the cooled air to travel by. A malfunction in the blower can create cooling issues, such as:

  • Dirty or obstructed fan: The blower fan can sometimes become obstructed by excessive dust and dirt. It might require a thorough cleaning or recalibrating.
  • Burnt out motor: Of course, the fan can’t spin if the motor isn’t working. A burnt-out motor can luckily be replaced without much hassle.
  • Loose or broken belt: A belt connects the blower fan to the blower motor. If your AC starts making strange noises, it could be due to this belt breaking or coming loose.


These aren’t only three potential problems that can be preventing your AC from cooling the home properly. We haven’t even mentioned dirty ducts, refrigerant leaks, frozen evaporator coils, dirty air filters, and more.

To get to the bottom of your cooling issues, don’t hesitate to call in a professional. Contact Frymire Home Services today to schedule a service!

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