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4 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Warmer Weather

4 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Warmer Weather

We’re used to the warmer weather here in the Dallas area, but that doesn’t mean your home is used to it! If your house is not ready to deal with the weather ahead, you might have to deal with uneven temperatures around the home, poor energy efficiency, or even a complete air conditioning system breakdown.

It’s never too early, at least in Texas, to start preparing your home for the warmer weather so that you don’t have to worry about big problems with home efficiency or AC performance when summer comes. Here are our expert tips to keeping things in great shape for the heat to come.

Repair and Prepare the Ducts

Many people don’t realize that the air ducts have such a major impact on the performance of their air conditioning systems. Or, more accurately, they wouldn’t guess that something is wrong with their own air ducts. These are, after all, hidden behind walls and in ceilings, and you assume they remain in just as solid condition as when they were installed.

The problem is that many air ducts are poorly installed in the first place, and can easily develop leaks thanks to the air pressure they are constantly subjected to. This results in a loss of air that can contribute to a 20-30% loss of energy! Before winter starts, prepare your ducts by…

  • Scheduling a duct inspection,
  • Having professional technicians repair or seal leaks,
  • Cleaning out the ducts for better efficiency and indoor air quality.

Seal Small Leaks around the Home

Duct leaks are something that only a professional can or should handle (as duct tape is not a secure or safe solution). However, there are many leaks you can resolve on your own. Air leaks around doorways or windows can be sealed with the right combination of caulk and weather stripping. Spend a weekend locating these leaks around windows, doors, and exterior pipes, and you can save a lot on your energy bills after a quick repair.

Maintain the Air Conditioning System

Your air conditioner may have served you well these last several years, but that doesn’t mean it’s in the best condition possible for the coming summer heat. Proper air conditioning maintenance is key to keeping your system lasting longer and running smoothly for the long summer season in our area. That means calling for professional maintenance every year, which can keep your cooling equipment in better shape:

  • Save money on cooling in the summer after a tune-up.
  • Prevent AC repairs.
  • Detect repairs sooner, when they are easier to fix.
  • Keep your air conditioning system around for longer.

Do this as early in spring as possible for best results!

Change Filters

Finally, it’s important to change the air filter before spring is in full force…and every 1-3 months throughout the year. This may not seem important to the operation of your air conditioner, but you’d be surprised how much damage a dirty air filter can do. The clogged filter blocks airflow, which can lead to an overworked system, a frozen coil, and more.

Get your air conditioner in North Dallas, TX into shape this spring with the help of Frymire Home Services: A Higher Degree of Comfort. Contact us today.

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