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Central Air Conditioners in Dallas, TX

At Frymire Home Services, we believe in a higher degree of comfort. That’s why we offer the best air conditioning services and systems in Dallas, TX. If you’re considering replacing your older air conditioner or want AC repair services, we have everything you need.

In a place like Dallas, TX, with its extreme summer temperatures, a central AC is that much more important. But because we tend to take these systems for granted, it’s easy to forget how complex they are. That’s why when it comes to installing or servicing one, you want a trustworthy team on your side.

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Why Choose a Central Air Conditioner?

Also referred to as a central air unit or a split air conditioner, the conventional central air conditioning system comprises two main components — one stored inside and the other outside. The outside component is called the condenser. The condenser contains the compressor, fan, and condenser coil.

The inside component of a split air conditioner is called the evaporator. It houses the evaporator coil and the air handler, the latter of which is responsible for sending the cooled air into the ventilation system.

When your central air unit operates, the compressor circulates a chemical blend of fluid called refrigerant between the two sets of coils. The indoor unit absorbs heat from the home’s air, while the outside unit exhausts that heat.

Important Benefits of Central Air Conditioners

The weather in Dallas is hot and sometimes humid. You need to know that your home will remain cool and comfortable when the temperatures outside increase. Central air conditioners, when installed and maintained by the qualified team at Frymire Home Services, provide that peace of mind.

That’s just one benefit of a central air conditioner. Today’s HVAC systems also help with indoor air quality. High-quality filtration systems in the HVAC system can lessen the number of particles in the air inside our home. Central air conditioners also control humidity levels.

If you want to start enjoying the benefits of central air conditioning in your home, contact Frymire Home Services today.

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Turn to Us for Reliable Central AC Installation and Replacement

Are you moving into a new home? Or maybe you’re having a house newly constructed? Either way, installing your first air conditioner is an important task, which must be done correctly the first time.

You can rely on the Dallas, TX, HVAC experts at Frymire Home Services to manage this job to your satisfaction. We’ll ensure your new central cooling system is fit to the specific needs of your home and budget.

We’re also here to help when your old central AC gives out or if you suspect your system is approaching the end of its service life. Replacing one of these systems is a major job, so you want to be sure you can trust the team handling it.

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We Provide Comprehensive Central AC Care

Routine preventive maintenance is among the services we provide for central AC systems. Signing up for this service will help ensure your equipment has the longest service life possible, works without draining energy, and encounters few repair needs.

Plus, our maintenance plan affords you several money-saving benefits. For instance, you’ll receive a free one-year extended warranty, VIP priority services for your central AC service needs, reduced diagnostic fees, discounted repairs, and much more.

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Central Air Conditioning FAQs

How can I keep my air conditioner running at its best?

Professional installation is the first step to enjoying a well-working air conditioner, but you can also help your AC run at its best by properly maintaining it. Frymire Home Services offers air conditioning maintenance for central ACs to help with this.

How can I choose the right air conditioner for Dallas, TX?

To ensure your newly installed air conditioner is properly cooling your home, work with a qualified HVAC technician. The right air conditioner will be the right size for your home, and professional installation will help with the system’s efficiency.

Are central air conditioners more efficient than window units?

Yes, a central air conditioner is more efficient and more effective at keeping your home cool than a window unit. If you’re relying on window air conditioners, you can recoup quite a bit of the cost by upgrading to central air conditioning.

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