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Air Conditioning Services in Rowlett, TX

Located on Lake Ray Hubbard, Rowlett, TX, is a fast-growing Dallas suburb with hot, humid summers. Life without air conditioning is unbearable in Rowlett, so many residents count on Frymire Home Services for air conditioning repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation.

At Frymire, we deliver honest, upfront prices for all our AC services paired with top-notch customer service and cutting-edge expertise.

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Air Conditioning Repair in Rowlett, TX

Is your air conditioner not turning on or off when you want it to? Is it working harder and cooling less? Is it making a funny noise, or does it have a strange, musty, or burning smell? Whatever issue you’re having with your air conditioner, our skilled and experienced technicians are prepared to diagnose the problem and provide the air conditioning repair you need.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Rowlett, TX

Regular air conditioning maintenance will prolong the service life of your HVAC system. Our tune-up technicians not only perform services to improve performance, but they also look for minor issues to fix before they become a major inconvenience.

Our maintenance program can help you keep up with your annual spring air conditioning maintenance while providing extra benefits and saving you money.

Air Conditioning Installation in Rowlett, TX

Whether you need an AC for a newly built home or a replacement for a broken AC unit, call Frymire Home Services for expert air conditioning installation. We’ll guide you through every step, from helping you choose an air conditioner to suit your home and budget to ensuring your air conditioning replacement works perfectly before we leave.

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Why Choose Frymire for Your Rowlett, TX Air Conditioning Services?

Frymire has met the HVAC needs of people in Rowlett and across the Dallas-Fort Worth region since 1950. Our long list of AC services reflects our commitment to providing our customers with a higher degree of comfort. We’ve built a strong reputation for meeting customers’ needs.

This is why Rowlett homeowners can call the friendly Frymire team 24/7. We understand that having no air conditioning is a legitimate emergency, and your family should not have to wait for relief.

Along with emergency air conditioning repair, we provide payment plans for all our services, so you don’t have to wait to get the AC you really need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Between 2017 and 2018, Rowlett, TX, ranked as the eighth fastest-growing U.S. city according to the Census Bureau, for its 5.1% growth. By 2021, the population was estimated to be 73,270. As Rowlett is a getaway from crowded Dallas-Fort Worth while still being conveniently located nearby, residents enjoy the best of both worlds.

As Rowlett grows, so does its need for good home climate control. Having Frymire on call will help keep your AC functioning whenever you need it.

Which HVAC systems suit the climate in Rowlett, TX?

Like most of Texas, Rowlett is muggy and hot. To keep your home comfortable, you need a powerful air conditioner that can handle heavy use for more than just two or three months of the year. You could get an HVAC system with separate heating and air conditioning units or consider a heat pump, which heats and cools for year-round comfort.

How long will my HVAC unit last in Rowlett, TX?

Using your HVAC system most of the year, as we have to do in Texas weather, is hard on heating and cooling equipment. With regular maintenance, the average air conditioner should last approximately 10 years. An HVAC system used between five and eight months of the year should last 12 to 15 years.

What if my Rowlett, TX home still has an R-22 air conditioner?

Although R-22 is no longer being manufactured, the refrigerant is still available due to Texas stockpiles. Frymire Home Services can help you keep your R-22 AC functioning for another year or two, but you should consider upgrading soon to a safer, energy-efficient alternative.

From reliable air conditioner repair to expert air conditioning installation, Frymire has you covered. Call 469-346-4999 or contact us online today!

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